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Europe 2003 Photo Gallery

(Note: Click on pictures to view them in their original size.)

Munich Birthday Bash
Munich Birthday Bash Birthday bash for Renata Frey at a Munich Greek restaurant. (left to right) husband, Hannes Frey; Rüdiger and Heidi Helbig, Renata Frey, John Ely, and producer Ingo Sandhofen with wife Jindra.
Hofbräuhaus in Munich
Hofbrauhaus in Munich At Hofbräuhaus in downtown Munich, drinking a glass of Weissbier (AKA liquid bread)
Strasskirchen, Germany
Easter Egg Toast At Gutsbräu brewery in Strasskirchen, famous for its great Braunbier (brown beer), a Good Friday toast with the Key West band and the Freys. (left to right) Hannes Frey, Albin Häring, Renata Frey, Ursula Thumann, Elmar Sammer, drummer Maximilian Maier, pedal steel guitarist Günther Dachs, John Ely, and Erna Apfelbacher.