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My Tunings and Tuner Settings

I get a fair amount of questions regarding my tunings and set-up so I thought I'd lay it all out here. I've used this configuration for years on my 1956 Triple-neck Fender Stringmaster.

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The basic tunings are pretty straightforward.

  • My C6th is actually a C13th, the one used by many Hawaiians today. I got it from listening to Barney Isaacs, who got it from Jules Ah See. I'm not sure if anyone used it before Jules did.
  • My A6th is the standard western swing A6th that predominated before C6th took over. On occation I will restring this to the standard C6th, which is just the A6th transposed up 3 half-steps. I'll do this if the band strongly favors the key of F, C, and G—there are many more open string options on the C6th for these keys.
  • My E13th is from Leon McAuliffe. I discovered that you can get a lot of big guitar chords by adding a third finger pick and using unusual grips with the right hand.
  • I do use the B11th quite often but not on my triple-neck. It is a slight variation on the Jules B11th. I moved up some of the low strings to get lusher strums at the expense of that deep bass strum sound Jules got.

The settings below are based on a system I call Adjusted Tuning. For more on this and why I tune most of the strings either sharp or flat, go to my page on tuning up.

My Triple-Neck Setup
C13th Tuning
Pitch Gauge Cents 440 Scale
E .014 -6.0 438.5
C .017 +4.0 441
A .020 -6.0 438.5
G .024w +6.0 441.5
E .030w -6.0 438.5
C .036w +4.0 441
Bb .042w -6.0 438.5
C .060w +4.0 441
A6th Tuning
Pitch Gauge Cents 440 Scale
E .014 +6.0 441.5
C# .017 -6.0 438.5
A .021 +4.0 441
F# .026w -6.0 438.5
E .030w +6.0 441.5
C# .036w -6.0 438.5
A .042w +4.0 441
F# .052w -6.0 438.5
E13th Tuning
Pitch Gauge Cents 440 Scale
E .014 +4.0 441
C# .017 -6.0 438.5
B .018 +4.0 441
G# .024w -6.0 438.5
F# .026w +4.0 441
D .034w +4.0 441
G# .046w -6.0 438.5
E .056w +4.0 441
My C6th
Pitch Gauge Cents 440 Scale
G .012 +6.0 441.5
E .014 -6.0 438.5
C .017 +4.0 441
A .021 -6.0 438.5
G .026w +6.0 441.5
E .030w -6.0 438.5
C .036w +4.0 441
A .042w -6.0 438.5
My B11th
Pitch Gauge
E .014
C# .017
A .020
F# .024w
D# .030w
C# .036w
A .042w
B .060w
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