General Audio Clips

Welcome to a work in progress! I'll be gradually posting a variety of items in this section, including a few audio samples of my arrangement offerings, instructional materials I use with students, some samples illustrating interesting tunings, and even some "oddball" live clips from the archives. Unfortunately, some of the clips are poorly recorded. I'll clean up some of these at some point, but it's not always possible.

Tuning Demos

The Leon McAuliffe E13th

Here are a couple of clips showing off the McAuliffe E13th. There are a lot of 4-note standard guitar-type voicings on this tuning. If I recall I was trying to show how an 8-string Fender could sound like a big 10-string C6th pedal steel. I'm using three fingerpicks and thumbpick for these. My apologies for the sound quality. I'll try to post better versions!

Oklahoma Hills

One Note Samba

Live Clips

Around the Austin Clubs (early '90s)

I Don't Care Anymore (with Wayne Hancock, Paul Skelton on guitar)

YouTube Videos

John Ely Trio—Kötz 2004 Festival in Germany

(with Willie Jones on bass and Jürgen Hoffmann on guitar)