The following samples have all been updated as of March 2011. The arrangement samples and lesson excerpts are much improved and higher resolution. The Tablature Key has been updated to conform more closely to tablature conventions used in standard guitar arrangements.

Sample Arrangements

Santos folio
An interesting arrangement folio for 4 steel guitars from Don Santos Publishing, issued in 1942.

You can view, print, or download the following C6th samples along with the tablature key, which explains the notation symbols used for all arrangments.

Samples From My Private Lessons

Here are some instruction pages I use in my private lessons, which you are free to view, print, or download.

  • Chord Study #1 – Using the prime frets over the V-I chord progression and using "lead-in" chords to expand melody.
  • Chord Study #2 – Mixing 2- and 3-part harmony and using advanced slant bar positions to fully harmonize melodies.

Music Theory Primers

Here are some materials I use to help students get up to speed with music theory basics:

String Gauge Chart

The following is a handy, condensed version of my string gauge chart from the String Gauges for Steel Guitar page, which you can view, print, or download.