Arrangements Catalog

The arrangements listed below are not currently available but I do plan on rolling them out. Make sure you are on my mailing list so I can let you know what instructional materials will be made available when. Thank you for your patience!

About the Tunings Used

The arrangements below will be available in tunings other than the default tuning listed. Stay tuned for more about how this will work.

Hawaiian Arrangements
Aloha OeC6th2 pagesTBApreview
Analani EC6th2 pagesTBA
Blue HawaiiC6th2 pagesTBA
Blue LeiC6th2 pagesTBA
Coconut GroveC6th2 pagesTBA
E Maliu MaiC6th2 pagesTBA
Green Rose HulaC6th1 pageTBA
Harbor LightsC6th2 pagesTBA
Hawaiian ParadiseC6th2 pagesTBA
Hawaiian War ChantC6th2 pagesTBA
Hawaiian Wedding SongC6th2 pagesTBA
He Mana'o Ko'u 'Ia 'OeC6th1 pageTBA
He Punahele No OeC6th2 pagesTBA
Hi'ilaweC6th1 pageTBA
Hukilau SongC6th2 pagesTBA
Hula BluesC6th2 pagesTBA
I Want to Learn to Speak HawaiianC6th2 pagesTBA
Kaulana 'O Hilo HanakahiC6th2 pagesTBA
KawohikukapulaniC6th1 pageTBA
Kimo HulaC6th1 pageTBA
Kipu KaiC6th1 pageTBA
Ku'u Ipo I Ka He'e Pue OneC6th2 pagesTBA
Ku'u Ipo Pua RoseC6th1 pageTBA
LeihuananiC6th2 pagesTBA
Little Brown GirlC6th2 pagesTBA
Little Grass ShackC6th2 pagesTBA
Lovely GirlC6th2 pagesTBA
Lovely Hula HandsC6th2 pagesTBA
Maile SwingC6th2 pagesTBA
Makalapua/Ua Like No A LikeC6th2 pagesTBA
Mauna LoaC6th1 pageTBA
Moon of ManakooraC6th2 pagesTBA
My Rose of WaikikiC6th2 pagesTBA
My Yellow Ginger LeiC6th1 pageTBA
O Ko'u Aloha Ia OeC6th1 pageTBA
PaniauC6th1 pageTBA
Pohai KealohaC6th1 pageTBA
Pua CarnationC6th1 pageTBA
Pua O Ka MakahalaC6th1 pageTBA
Pua TuberoseC6th1 pageTBA
Puamana/Sea BreezeC6th2 pagesTBA
Red Sails in the SunsetC6th2 pagesTBA
Royal Hawaiian HotelC6th1 pageTBA
Silhouette HulaC6th1 pageTBA
Soft Green SeasC6th1 pageTBA
Song of the IslandsC6th1 pageTBA
South Sea Island MagicC6th2 pagesTBA
South Sea MoonC6th1 pageTBA
The One RoseC6th2 pageTBA
Tropical SwingC6th2 pagesTBA
Two Shadows on the SandC6th2 pagesTBA
WahiikaahuulaC6th1 pageTBA
Waikiki HulaC6th1 pageTBA
Waipi'oC6th1 pageTBA
Western Swing/Country
I Love You So Much It HurtsC13th2 pagesTBA
Love Letters in the SandC6th2 pagesTBA
Panhandle RagC6th2 pagesTBA
San Antonio RoseC6th3 pagesTBA
SleepwalkC6th2 pagesTBA
Steel Guitar RagC6th3 pagesTBA
Steel Guitar RagE13th3 pagesTBA
Teardrops In My HeartA6th2 pagesTBA
Texas Playboy RagC6th2 pagesTBA
Under the Double EagleC13th6 pagesTBA
Asleep at the Wheel Transcribed Solos*
Black and White RagC6th1 pageTBA
JambalayaC6th1 pageTBA
Miles Of TexasC6th1 pageTBA
San Antonio Rose #1E13th1 pageTBA
San Antonio Rose #2E13th1 pageTBA
Take Me Back To TulsaE13th1 pageTBA

* from Asleep at the Wheel recordings - melody not included

Tab Tunings

(For 6-string instruments, omit the bottom two pitches)