Debugging the Locators

Although I've put a lot of time developing the chord and scale locator scripts, I have had limited time to thoroughly debug them. I'd really appreciate it if some of you would report back to me if you encounter problems or get error messages.

PHP Error Messages and Warnings

It's extremely helpful for me to know if you're getting any PHP error messages or warnings. You can really help me by doing the following:

  • Email me the text of any PHP Warnings or Fatal Errors that you see in your browser window. Even better, email me a screen capture of the message(s).
  • Email me the settings you used that triggered the error. Again, a screen capture of your locator form settings would be the easiest and most informative method.

Examples of your settings would include:

  • Which locator has the problem.
  • The Tuning used.
  • The Chord or Scale Root you entered.
  • The Chord or Scale Type you entered.
  • Any Melody Note you entered.
  • Powerfind on or off.
  • The Slant Bar Options you selected.
  • Your Display settings such as:
    • Chord-to-Show setting (Dyads and/or Triads and/or Quartads+)
    • Open Position setting
    • Note Labeling setting (Degrees, Note Names, or No Labels)
    • Sorting Options setting
    • Show Results setting (Tablature or Fretboards)

It's also good to know if the problem happens every time you run the search.

Search Form Layout Issues

If the layout of any of the chord or scale search forms looks strange to you or some of the results appear to be clipped, it would be great if you could email me a screenshot of the problem area. It's hard for me to test things for all browsers and on all platforms.

Custom Tuning Problems

If you're not able to save/retrieve any of your custom tunings using the Custom Tuning form, please let me know. Your tunings will expire after 6 months, so it's a good idea save your settings or write them down somewhere.